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April 17, 2010

Genoise Sponge with Italian Cream

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Italian Cream

Prep first.

Separate the eggs. Measure the milk, sugar and flour. Have everything at the ready.

Place plastic wrap on the pastry cream not over the bowl. Prevents condensation and a skin forming. Put in the fridge when slightly warm, NOT hot.

In a hurry place in freezer for a quarter of the time. Don’t forget it in there.

Mix in the mascarpone cheese.

Genoise Sponge

A good-sized bowl, larger than 6.5 cups. 6 eggs and one cup of sugar volumizes when beaten with and electric mixer.

If you don’t have an actual double boiler make sure you use two containers/pots/whatever that fit well it is not comfortable holding the egg mixture bowl over heat.

Stir, stir, stir. You do not want scrambled eggs.

Do sift the flour over, Do NOT dump.
Fold in butter while pouring, not after.

Although I rolled the cake DIRECTLY from the oven (you can take a minute or two but don’t let it cool) that was just for demonstration for making a swiss roll which I decided against.

I used a sheet pan to make my cake but it can also be done with round cakes. You’ll need 2 cakes for four layers.

I went with four layer. Use either a very long serrated knife or floss to to cut through the cake. Layer with italian cream, I now wish I had put a layer of jam/preserves/stewed berries over the cream but there is always next time. Put on top of cake. Cut in half, now which is prettier the top or bottom of the cake, for me it was the bottom (rolling the cake gave it a rumpled look). Spread some cream on the top of the cake put the other half (for me) top side down over the layer of cream. Cut into squares. Dust with powdered sugar, serve as is or with some berries.

This is contribution for the 52 weeks of baking, week 4.

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