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April 13, 2010

Hand Kneading vs Dough Paddle Mixer

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I am not going to lie, I want a Cuisine Art Stand Mixer something fierce. However I do love the feel of mixing my dough by hand. I love feeling the texture change from slimy, slushy and gloppy to firm, smooth dough.

With the mixer you hands stay cleaner
By hand you get a better feel for the dough

With the mixer you hands are free to multitask
By hand you don’t always have a free hand if needed

With the mixer it is less labour intensive
By hand you have to put your shoulders, back and arms into it.

I own a bread machine for those lazy days. I have wanted to cry and I may have a few times when I am kneading dough and it won’t hold, I have been kneading forever and it’s either too wet or too dry and I don’t know how it got there.

There are times when I get kitchen envy, I see the Cuisine Art or a Black and Decker with a dough hook or paddle and I think there is so much I can do with that. Then I remember I have ten perfectly good finger, two strong wrists and I have already done a lot with that and I can do so much more.

April 8, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

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It’s Easter so that means Hot Cross Buns….

Hot Cross Buns

A tradition as far back as I could remember Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday and Easter. The recipe and design changed over the years, the cross has been made with icing (which I prefer), pastry dough and cut marks in the dough before baking to name a few.

Forming Buns

This year I used a recipe I found for Apricot Hot Cross Buns. Of course I had to substitute. Dried apricots are easily found but I prefer craisins. So citrus peels and craisins it was. The cinnamon was a nice touch in the recipe.


Forming and kneading the dough is beautiful. I love the seeing the different colours of the dry fruit peep through. For me working with dough is therapeutic.

dough dough

I love Hot Cross Buns. I think this is my submission for week 2 of my 52 weeks of baking.

Is it me or do the crosses just make the buns taste better.


I froze half the dough in single bun portions to have at my leisure.

April 3, 2010

Pizza in a Pinch

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What do you do when you’re feeling both hungry and lazy???

Frozen pizza dough – thawed
Pizza Dough Rolled, Olive Oil

Olive oil, Ketchup

String Cheese x2
String Cheese

– Cut up
Cheese Topping

Preheated Oven – 450* 5 – 6 minutes
Cheese Pizza

Bon Apetit

I made pizza a couple weeks ago (with alot more topping than now) and I froze the left over dough in single serving balls to be thawed and ate when the feeling struck, even if the feeling struck when I had no toppings and was definitely feeling to get in the car to go and get some. So thaw a dough dough, roll it out, sread some olive oil and ketchup (didn’t have tomato sauce, it’s practically the same right???). Quick, easy and delicious.

I am putting the recipe for the Honey Wheat Pizza Dough that I used on the Recipe page. It taste great fresh, from frozen, with real topping or not.

March 31, 2010

Our Daily Bread…

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I think that one of the most basic yet complex recipe is bread.

I love going from this…

Shaped Dough

to this….
Basic Bread

For week one of my 52 weeks of baking I chose a basic bread recipe. Nothing extravagant just a simple bread dough. But that bread dough has so many uses. You can knead out your frustrations at your boss plus it’s a great upper body work out.

Ready to rise

From this basic recipe you can make rolls or a loaf. I chose loaf this time. ( I usually brush off excess flour but it’s my first time taking pictures of my processed so I got distracted).

What I love about bread is that there are so many. Challah (I made this last Christmas, I suck at the braid), Sourdough, Cinnamon Raisin, Brioche, Ciabatta. During this 52 weeks I want to xcover as many different breads as I can, they usually start with the same basic ingredients.



This particular loaf was used to make a tuna salad sandwich the following day for lunch.


Hey There…

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I am a crocheter and I recently got into swaps and was introduced to swap-bot but I didn’t find any crochet swaps that interested me. I did however find a baking swap that didn’t look like to much trouble. I like to bake and I am always complaining to myself that I didn’t do enough. The swap … 52 weeks of baking. It’s a weekly e-mail swap and I don’t have to participate every week if I didn’t want to. This was perfect, I just had to bake, take pictures and then email my assigned partners. I would include pictures of my “masterpiece” and a few details about my baking experience, a link to the recipe and any changes that I made. Perfect ♥♥♥♥♥

Now this blog…. I have always liked to cook (kind of) so why not share my experiences with anyone who was willing to read about it. I have make gnocchi and ravioli from scratch. I make cheesecakes (when I am inclined). I once made a Boston Cream Pie. I take two or three recipes and put them together to make something new. I am hoping this blog keeps me motivated cause I do tend to lapse every once in a while.

Well I guess that’s my introduction, I hope you enjoy my life in the kitchen.

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