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July 15, 2010

Olive Oil Bread

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I was reading a novel and Olive Bread was mentioned, so I had to do a search to find this recipe. Between reading the novel and doing a search I got confused somewhere so I ending up finding Olive Oil Bread and Olive Bread which I didn’t study at the time but they are two different things so I had to try both so I started with Olive oil Bread.

This is a doughy bread, I wasn’t too keen on it to begin, the name is Olive Oil. Will it be greasy, how much of an olive oil taste will it have? I had already talked myself into and out of making this bread so many times before I even started I’m surprised I didn’t get a complex.

This was great the first time I made it although I didn’t think so at the time, so I made it again. There were things that I liked and didn’t about both versions. It was not the prettiest of breads but it was pretty tasty.

I preferred the texture of the first one but the second kneaded up better.

The dough is supposed to be a little stiff but I love how it rises a little fluffy.

This bread was great both versions. I had the first with chicken salad since it was planned. The second I had with cheese since at last minute I decided to make it over and that was all I had. I tasted great with both.

My submission for week 15 of 52 weeks of baking.


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