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June 29, 2010

Braided Egg Bread

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I had to redeem myself.

And I succeeded.

I made a perfectly (to me) braided bread. I knew I could do it, I just needed to step back and remember the basics. When I made the Challah, I didn’t have patience and rushed the process.

This time I was out to prove that I could still do it so I took my time and followed the steps.
Getting the strands of similar size and length.

I should talk about what went into making this bread but really and truly I picked this because it was a braided bread. Although it is called an egg bread it only has one egg and 4+ cups of flour, yet it was still a great texture, not as rich as a brioche or a challah but great in it’s own right. I got a very nice rise on the dough which I believe contributed to the wonderful braid.

I used regular canola oil to grease my bowl and baking sheet because I ran out of cooking spray but other than that I didn’t alter the recipe. It is a great simple recipe and will make a great loaf bread if you don’t want to braid it.

My next goal is to do a 6 braid and a circular braid, also some mini braids.

This is my submission for week 13 of 52 weeks of baking.

June 21, 2010

Ultimate Sticky Buns

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That’s what the recipe called it. I made just a few changes.

I went maple syrup instead of dark corn syrup. I added craisins to my filling and I changed the pecans to almonds in the glaze. I also reduced my glaze since I only baked up half the recipe.

This freezes well, and the dough is versatile.

I baked it a little over browned (not burnt) but it still tasted great and perfect.

I got a nice bloom on my yeast, which is great for a great dough.

The dough rolled nicely, which I loved. I hate fighting with tearing dough.

And cut nicely, I know a lot of people cut off the ends and discard it but I like it. It has a nice chew when baked.

The final product. My submission for the 12 week for the 52 weeks of baking.

June 15, 2010

Honey Wheat Pizza

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Apparently Great Harvest Bread Co. make a Honey Wheat Pizza dough that is great.

You can buy the dough and make your own pizza at home. Well there is no Great Harvest Bakery anywhere near to me but I was very intrigued after seeing it on another blog. Unfortunately for me GH does not publish the recipe on their website.

I found a few recipes that I liked and after a while I got a recipe that was perfect. Mine may be better, just as good or totally horrible compared to Great Harvest but I loved what I came up with.

A step I picked up from my other pizza recipes is to let my dough spend a little time in the refrigerator. I think it adds a little something to the dough when it is baking.

Now on to the pizza. Pizza is better with multiple flavoured cheese. This is a great time to slip in a few veges shredded carrots and spinach. Pineapples and Sausages.

I like to use the shredded spinach as a base, it makes for a healthier pizza and no-one knows that it’s there. So my layers would be olive oil, tomato sauce, spinach, sausage.

Then we add carrots, pineapples and cheese. Adding the cheese last ensures that the toppings stay on the pizza after baking.

The toppings can easily be substituted to whatever you like, sometimes I add corn, but this is a great dough to start with. Absolutely delicious. The recipe call for baking at 500 but I would say that depends because I do 450 for 8 minutes and that works for me, sometimes I need 10 minutes. So I would say that you need to know your oven but 500 also works. Enjoy.

Week 11 of the 52 weeks of baking.

June 8, 2010

Honey Wheat Bread Like Outback

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I have never tasted Outback’s Honey Wheat Bread so I don’t know how close or exact this bread really is.

Outback’s version is apparently tubular shape and a little darker but I went with a loaf. It can also be made as rolls. Baking times will vary.

The recipe also called for the dough to be made in the bread machine and although I do own one I decided to knead the dough myself. I love the feel of bread dough coming together.

What I loved about making this bread is that it is different from any other bread I have made before. I have put alot of things in my bread before; cinnamon, craisins, raisins, almonds, pecans but I have never put coffee and cocoa. I had my doubts. They proved unfounded. This reminds me that I have a recipe for sourdough as soon as I work up the nerve that calls for pudding mix. I love bread.

The taste was great, there was no overpowering or out of place coffee taste which I kind of feared it might have. One thing I am flearning with novelty breads is knowing the right kind of sandwich to make. Over the last year I have made or heard of the weirdest combos that I never though of before. Cheese with jam, apple slices and nut butter. For this bread I went with tuna salad.

This is week 10 of the 52 weeks of Baking.

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