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May 23, 2010

Baked Donuts

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Many, many years ago I had a great recipe for baked donuts. It was made with applesauce and I remember using different flavours of applesauce to get different flavours of donuts without ever changing the recipe.

This post is not about those donuts. I lost that recipe and never found it anyway ever again. If anyone out there has it I would love to get it back.

These donuts are what I found after years of searching for baked donuts. No applesauce but I still found it to be flavourful and delicious. I can add maple syrup for a second flavour.

Baked Donuts unlike their fried counterparts are healthier (at least that’s what we’ll tell ourselves). Do not require us to stand over a hot pot full of even hotter oil.

Don’t over bake these, if anything, under bake them a bit – they will continue baking outside the oven for a few minutes. You want an interior that is moist and tender – not dry. Also, be sure to cut big enough holes in the center of your doughnuts – too small and they will bake entirely shut. Don’t forget to bake your donut holes.

Remember they rise, and they rise even more when they are baking. These really need to be made-to-order, but you can make and shape the dough the night before if you want to serve them for brunch.

I made them the night before, refrigerated the shaped dough and proofed in the oven (off) with a bowl of hot water before baking.

I just went with a powdered sugar glaze but any glaze or topping that you would use on fried donuts can be used to decorate your baked donuts.

Week 8 of the 52 weeks of baking.

Enjoy ♥♥♥

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